Victoria Pharmaceuticals, Plenum Building, RVH

Client: Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Construction Value: £6.5 million

Our Role: Full Building Services Design and M&E Clerk of Works

Description: New regional pharmacy manufacturing service for Northern Ireland. This new facility provides specialist clean room production, support office, administration and storage facilities to replace an existing facility on the RVH Site.

Design Features: Specialist Services in the building include:

1. Fully Air Conditioned environment for sealed clean rooms requirement

2. Supply and Extract throughout the building to meet the exact differential pressure profile criteria required to allow the building to perform it’s primary function

3. Water for Injection Plant and Distribution System

4. Pure/Clean Steam Generation Plant

5. Reverse Osmosis Water System

6. Fully validated FMS and BMS Systems

7. Site Steam Mains to the building including remote alarm system

8. Specialist Lighting throughout of clean areas

9. Comprehensive Access Control and CCTV systems

Completion Date: April 2010